The following list of documents is required for the warehouse services contract

Copies must be certified with a company seal/stamp and signature of the director:

  1. Certificate of tax authority registration;
  2. Extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities with a validity of one month at the moment of contract signing;
  3. A power of attorney is required, if the contract is signed by an appointed authorized person.
Documents for contract are accepted only with passport of the person, who signs the contract.

for services of SVH "Zap-Trans" Ltd.

Holding of foreign goods in customs control area (ZTK), which are waiting for the completion of the customs transit procedure: - the entry of the vehicle with foreign goods and holding it in ZTK before completing the procedure of customs transitFREE
Registration and storage of the vehicle in customs control area (ZTK)payment is taken after all customs transit procedures for full and partial day
Registration of the first shipment3100
Registration of the vehicle with goods4800
Registration of the second and other shipments (for each)1000
Storage of the vehicle with goods for the second and each subsequent day (per 1 day)550
Registration of the vehicle with goods up to 2,5 tons3000
Storage of the vehicle with goods (up to 2,5 tons) for the second and each subsequent day (per 1 day)450
Storage of goods, unloaded at warehouse, during 10 days (for 1 kg per day)0.40
Storage of goods, unloaded at warehouse, more than 10 days (for 1 kg per day)0.60
Storage of bulk oversized goods with low weight (for 1m2) per day180
Storage of goods in the refrigerator (for 1 pallet per day)360
Sorting of cargo for 1 ton840
Sorting of cargo for 1 pallet480
Loading-unloading operations (packaged cargo) for 1 pallet450
Loading-unloading operations (piece goods without pallets) for 1 ton530
Weighing of goods (for 1 ton)350
Registration of goods under the procedure of «re-import»1400
Registration of goods produced in SEZ1450
Making copies of document15
Inspection of the vehicle1800
Storage of goods after customs clearance per 1 hour (for one shipment)150
Notification, preparing and sending documents for Foreign Trade Activity Department after finishing the customs transit procedure360
Collection of documents and delivery of cargo to the owner (or to the carrier, according to the contract) after customs clearance600


  1. The price for services of SVH (temporary storage warehouse) includes VAT.
  2. Payment for services of SVH is made by cash or bank transfer. Goods are given back only after issuing of goods declaration and providing documents, confirmed payment for services of SVH.
  3. Shipment means: goods transported to the address of one consignee by one vehicle with the only transport document (waybill).
  4. When vehicle are stored with goods, partial day will be paid as full day.
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