"West Region Transport and Industrial Service Company" Ltd., or "Zap-trans" for short; has been working in the SVH (temporary storage warehouse) services market since October 18th, 2002.

Earlier we were located in the city of Kaliningrad, Transportnaya street, 17A.
By the 10th anniversary of our company and in accordance with the Federal Customs Service Concept of Russia, about transposition of customs clearance and control in places close to the state border, and in order to create favorable conditions for members of Foreign Trade Activity, "Zap-trans" Ltd. has expanded its activity with a new customs and logistics terminal called "Mamonovskiy" (TLT "Mamonovskiy") in November of 2012.

TLT "Mamonovskiy" is located close to the international cross-border checkpoint "Mamonovo 2 - Gzhehotki" and efficiently provides all customs procedures, all in one terminal. TLT "Mamonovskiy" is a modern warehouse that meets and exceeds all European quality standards. It is focused on providing services for temporary storage and handling of cargo before and after customs clearance. TLT "Mamonovskiy" has all of the necessary loading/unloading and weighing equipment, with the latest technical security.

The terminal capacity is 500 trucks at one time.
The total terminal area is 17 ha.

TLT "Mamonovskiy" includes the following:

  • Customs office "Mamonovskiy";
  • Phytosanitary quarantine office;
  • Customs representatives;
  • Insurance companies;
  • ATM (automated teller machine);
  • Café;
  • Petrol stations

TLT "Mamonovskiy" is included in the register of owners of SVH (temporary storage warehouses) of open type. August 21, 2012.

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